An individual solution for storing cryptocurrency in Ukraine, Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkov, Odessa, Lvov, Vinnitsa. Development of crypto wallets at 0222 Digital Custom Software Development Company

An individual solution for storing cryptocurrency in Ukraine, Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkov, Odessa, Lvov, Vinnitsa. Development of crypto wallets at 0222 Digital Custom Software Development Company


If you still live in remote parts of the Amazon rainforest or interstellar space, chances are you haven't heard of the term "cryptocurrency" in the past few years.


How to create a cryptocurrency wallet app?


As cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin became popular overnight and people needed to store their hard-earned cryptocurrencies somewhere. Thus, there was a need to develop applications for a cryptocurrency wallet. They are similar to traditional wallets in the sense that they allow you to safely store money.


This is where the similarities end. To store cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, you need to have a wallet app. Different types of cryptocurrency wallets offer different levels of security. The main function of the wallet application is to securely store the private key, which gives the user access to the address in the crypto network.


With the growing popularity of mobile applications, the need to develop mobile applications with cryptocurrency - Kiev has also increased significantly. After reading this guide, you will become familiar with the different types of wallet applications available in the market. We will also help you understand which crypto wallet you need and how to develop it.


What is cryptocurrency?


The first question is what is cryptocurrency? It is a form of digital currency that can be used to buy anything you can buy with regular money. But what makes it interesting is the use of blockchain technology in development.


It is a decentralized form of currency, which means that no central authority controls or maintains the currency. Blockchain is, by definition, an open, distributed ledger that everyone has access to. Each completed transaction is in the form of "blocks" tied together to form a "chain" of previous crypto transactions.

The advantage of using cryptocurrency over physical currency is that cryptocurrency cannot be counterfeited and transaction records cannot be altered in any way. In addition, since the database is spread over thousands and millions of computers, you cannot change the contents of the registry in any way, which eliminates the risk of fraud.


What is a cryptocurrency wallet app?


More than 68 million people use cryptocurrency wallet apps, according to a Statista report. Development of an application for a crypto wallet - Odessa, Vinnitsa is the development of an application or device that allows you to safely store your cryptocurrency. Think of it as a combination of wallet and bank. Although there are several types of crypto wallets, users are often looking to develop a customized cryptocurrency storage solution that suits their needs.


In the near future, the number of users using the wallet app will grow exponentially. If you are looking to create a cryptocurrency wallet app, this is the best time.


Types of crypto wallets


There are five types of cryptocurrency wallets depending on the user's requirements. They can be divided into the following categories:


  • Desktop wallets


This is one of the most popular types of crypto wallets available right now. They allow the user to store cryptocurrency right on their desktop. Desktop wallets must be installed as standard software packages. They are available on all major operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and macOS.


  • Internet wallets


These types of wallets require a private key to work. They are useful when you don't have a computer with you and want to access your cryptocurrency account. However, they are most vulnerable to hackers.


  • Hardware wallets


Imagine a safe. Hardware wallets allow users to store copies of their private keys on a secure device. They can be helpful if you don't sell or buy cryptocurrency often.


  • Paper wallets


Paper wallets contain a listing of your private and public authentication keys. This is the most insecure type of wallet. If your paper is lost, you will lose access to your cryptocurrency!


  • Mobile wallets


Mobile wallets can be thought of as a combination of desktop and online wallets. The end user can access the cryptocurrency from anywhere using a mobile app. 0222 Digital Custom Software Development Company can help you create a mobile crypto wallet easily!


Why create your own crypto wallet in 2022?


Now that you are familiar with the different types of wallets, here are some of the benefits of creating a customized cryptocurrency solution:


  • Safe payments


When it comes to cryptocurrencies, payments are simple. In addition, the transparency offered by the blockchain platform eliminates any risk of fraud. This is one of the main reasons people turn to crypto-based transactions.


  • Faster transactions


If you are familiar with the process of international transactions, you may know how long it takes to complete them. Using a crypto wallet can help you complete international transactions in a couple of minutes.


Tech-savvy users love cryptocurrency


If you have a lot of tech-savvy users among your clients, they will surely love the fact that you are using cryptocurrency for transactions.


Choose the best software, application / web development company to create your own crypto wallet in Ukraine and Eastern Europe - 0222 Digital Custom Software Development Company!


As complicated as it sounds, the basic functionality a wallet app should have are pretty simple. Here are the main features that any crypto wallet should have:


  • The ability to quickly convert from regular currency to cryptocurrency and vice versa.
  • Session timed out after a certain period of time or after a successful transaction.
  • The ability to scan QR codes for faster transactions.
  • Real-time updates and notifications.
  • Multi-currency support for storing any cryptocurrency.
  • Cryptocurrency management capabilities (buy / sell).
  • Security features such as the use of passwords or PIN protection.


Cryptocurrency Wallet Application: Development Stages at 0222 Digital Custom Software Development Company


Regardless of which application you are developing, each of them goes through several stages of development.


№ 1. Planning


Planning is the first and foremost step in any application development process. Decide what features you want to include in your mobile wallet app. Tell the developers what technology you want to use and what cryptocurrency you want your app to support.


№ 2. Budget management


Be sure to set a budget ahead of time. Make sure to enable MVP features and extend them.


№ 3. UI / UX development


The UI and UX development phase is one of the most important development phases. Make sure you clearly explain to the UI / UX developers how you want your app to look.


№ 4. Coding


Coding is another important part of the development process. At 0222 Digital Custom Software Development Company, we have a team of experienced developers who can easily develop any mobile application, including a crypto wallet application.


№ 5. Application testing


This is one of the most overlooked aspects of application development. Testing your application is just as important as coding. This helps to eliminate any errors and glitches that the application might have.


№ 6. Deployment and post-release support


A good mobile app development company always helps its customers even after the app is released. If you encounter any difficulties or downtime after the release of the cryptocurrency mobile wallet app, our developers can help you with any issues.


Why Choose 0222 Digital Custom Software Development Company?


0222 Digital Custom Software Development Company has over 200 projects and hands-on experience in developing wallet applications. Our experienced development team can help you create a cryptocurrency wallet app tailored to all your requirements.


If you have a startup and a limited budget, we can help you develop a cryptocurrency app at reasonable prices. Choose us and we will start developing your crypto wallet right now!




Although creating an app for a cryptocurrency wallet - Dnipro, Lviv is a tedious process, the result is usually worth the effort. Every cryptocurrency needs a crypto wallet for people to use.


If you are interested in developing a cryptocurrency wallet application, Kharkiv, you will need real blockchain development experts on your team.