Creating a brand book

Creating a brand book 0222

Marketing support is an effective tool by which you can create a positive image of a brand or a company in general , increase customer loyalty, thereby increasing profits. The modern realities of doing business assume a constant struggle for a "place in the sun", many tools are in play, including the creation of the 0222 brand book.


Brandbook - this is a guide for managing the brand, which is designed for the advertising department of the company. Its development involves prescribing:

  • the mission of the brand and the main aspects of its philosophy
  • marking of main goals
  • concept creation, proper positioning
  • defining Development Strategies
  • defining the target audience

In addition, experts of the 0222 branding agency give recommendations on the conduct of a long-term strategy for using the corporate style. Thus, you can correctly apply corporate style elements in the company's activity, use effective communication channels and build an effective model of working with partners and clients.