Rebranding 0222

Rebranding allows to breath life into a brand that has lost its relevance, has ceased to comply with current market situation or when the company is no longer comfortable with it. It is worth saying that it is wise to make changes to the existing brand and make the consumer look at it from another angle and from different source - this is an art that requires deep awareness in a certain segment of the business and a thorough analysis of existing information.


Rebranding 0222 is not only a visual change, it is:

  • deep analysis of all brand components
  • drafting errors made earlier
  • the final result - a brand that will match the needs of the consumer, will be recognizable and form a positive perception

At the same time, one of the fundamental tasks facing the developers of the 0222 branding agency is to preserve the already existing audience and follow the given strategy. The portfolio of the company includes more than one successful rebranding campaign, it is a rebranding of corporate and commodity brands, work with many brands that have successfully passed the transformation process and are in high demand today.