Blockchain / cryptocurrency development

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Blockchain development service enables you to create smarter and more efficient supply chains, reduce fraud, verify transactions faster, and create disruptive business models.


What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain as a technology is gaining momentum all over the world - both in terms of popularity and in terms of practical application. Despite this, the understanding of the importance of this new technology is rather low.


Of course, the word "blockchain" is most often used in the context of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, this is due to the fact that digital currencies were the first use of block networks in the market.


Blockchain is just a database. However, it differs from other solutions of this type in important features - decentralization and immutability. What does this mean in practice? The information contained in the block network cannot be changed.


Initially, the blockchain system was used in the financial services industry, but now its influence and application has expanded to other areas: energy, telecommunications, healthcare, and in some countries even voting systems.


Who is using blockchain today?

Health care

Blockchain may offer more secure options for sharing patient data between insurers, providers and doctors. Blockchain provides an opportunity to improve the accuracy and exchange of information, as well as help prevent fraud in healthcare facilities.


Retail and manufacturing


Complex supply chains - and all elements within them - can be consistently and reliably tracked by all stakeholders, including buyers and regulators. Food supply chains were among the first to implement blockchain to improve food safety.




Banks can share blockchain with each other to track suspicious activity and track the flow of transactions. Authorized blockchains can be used to reengineer business processes, such as moving transactions from the central office to the back office, while eliminating the need for data reconciliation. New applications include blockchain for trade finance, global payments, securities settlement and commercial real estate.




Blockchain can help coordinate routes and modes of travel around cities. The blockchain network can work with buses, cars, bicycles, trains and other transportation partners to plan the best route for customers, ensuring a smooth transition between vehicles and offering a single payment for users.


Developing countries


Blockchain is being used as a haven in the face of heavily devalued currencies. Bitcoin also offers money management options for 2 billion unbanked people around the world. Payments and transfers can be made between countries without high fees.




Поскольку в основе технологии блокчейн лежат проверка и конфиденциальность, ожидаемые реализации блокчейна в страховой отрасли включают смарт-контракты и интеллектуальную обработку запросов. Реализация частной цепочки блоков может уменьшить количество мошеннических запросов и позволить всем сторонам - страховщикам, поставщикам и клиентам - одновременно просматривать точные обновления.


Effective use of blockchain with 0222 Digital Custom Software Development Ukraine in three steps


Simplify and accelerate validation and registration processes throughout your entire workflow by instantly sharing data and logic over an immutable shared network. Take advantage of 0222 Digital Custom Software Development Ukraine's 3-step blockchain development support to build a network, simplify management and integrate your blockchain solution with your current systems and tools.


Commissioning and network management

Build the foundation for your blockchain application, customize and manage your application with pre-configured networks and managed infrastructure with a blockchain service created by 0222 Digital, Kiev, Vinnytsia, Odessa.


Modeling smart contracts

Digitize your business processes with smart contracts to ensure your shared data is immutable.


Creation and expansion of blockchain applications


Build your application and extend it to work with the tools your business uses today.


  • What types of blockchain platforms are we building?
  • Development of crowdfunding platforms for finding investors and concluding deals with them for the sale of little-known cryptocurrencies and tokens;
  • Portal for tracking and analyzing the launch of new ICOs;
  • Development of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchange;
  • Development of a platform for a crypto exchanger;
  • Auction site;
  • Mining platforms.


Tell us about your business goals and we'll show you what type of blockchain project you need!