Artificial intelligence and machine learning

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How does artificial intelligence (AI) work?


Using math and logic, a computer system mimics the reasoning people use to learn from new information and make decisions. An artificially intelligent computer system makes predictions or acts on patterns in existing data and can then learn from errors to improve its accuracy. Mature artificial intelligence processes new information extremely quickly and accurately, making it useful in complex scenarios such as autonomous vehicles, image recognition programs, and virtual assistants.


The benefits of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence offers real benefits that span almost every industry. Some of the most important business benefits include:


Available around the clock


Since computer systems do not have the same biological needs as humans, an intelligent system can run all day without interruption.


Large-scale communication


By using bots and virtual agents, companies can provide guidance and support to more users in multiple locations at the same time.


Automating repetitive tasks


Using AI to perform repetitive and time-consuming tasks helps people in the company focus on more strategic and meaningful work.


Faster, better decisions


Artificial intelligence reduces human error, making it useful for solutions that rely heavily on data and require a lot of complex computation.


More relevant recommendations


Artificial Intelligence helps provide customers with more relevant recommendations and suggestions based on their interests and habits.


Create new AI products with 0222 Digital Custom Software Development in Ukraine (Vinnitsa, Kiev, Odessa) faster and more efficiently. Leverage our knowledge and experience to accelerate AI product development, achieve greater market alignment, and drive innovation more effectively.


Our company will provide support at all stages of the AI ​​product lifecycle. From discovering and validating assumptions to implementation and maintenance, partnering with us can help you increase the speed and efficiency of actions at every stage of your AI and machine learning product development.


Product idea discovery


Create and customize your first AI product concept. Using advanced analysis tools, we will help you verify this and initially assess whether the available data and methods will be sufficient for your needs.


Proof of concept


Before investing in an MVP, check the feasibility of your ideas. We will help you create preliminary models to ensure that the volume and quality of the data is sufficient to fulfill your AI development plans.


Minimum Viable Product


Build an MVP to get feedback from end users. We help you create real-world production models that will help you test your assumptions in practice.


Implementation and further development


Release your AI product with us and improve it by adding the features your customers expect. Using user data, we will advise you on how best to identify and meet their needs.


Methodology is our hallmark


Years of work have helped us create a unique work system - and this is how we approach all our projects.


  • Customized algorithms for non-standard tasks - to achieve greater profitability and productivity.
  • Deep understanding of the methods used - to avoid common mistakes and get more from the data.
  • Choosing the Right Approach to Your Needs - Reduce implementation and maintenance costs by combining classical statistical techniques with AI / ML / Deep Learning.
  • Purposeful and iterative - to ensure the fastest possible integration and achieve the optimal cost-benefit ratio through regular iterations of value delivery.


Technologies we use


By combining proven technical skills with deep business knowledge, our team will find the right solution for your company's challenges.


  • Prototyping or solutions with lower performance - R & PYTHON;
  • High performance solutions - C / C ++, JAVA, PYTHON;
  • Databases - SQL & DATABASES;
  • Machine learning;
  • Deep learning;
  • Chat bots;
  • Cloud technologies;
  • Optimization;
  • Image and Video Processing / Computer Vision;
  • Natural Language Processing;
  • Big data calculations;
  • Support for highly scalable implementations.


Let's talk about AI?


Let us know which software you need and we will help you choose the best solution.