IT outsourcing

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Outsourcing is a modern management strategy that entrusts an external partner with tasks that are not directly related to the company's core business. This allows the company to focus its resources and financial resources on those areas that underlie its activities. Investment in information technology and the recurrent costs of maintaining IT infrastructure often represent a significant portion of a company's budget.


The information technologies used have long influenced the level and quality of economic processes. Therefore, a company must consciously select its IT technologies in accordance with clearly defined priorities and based on a thorough analysis of profitability. This is exactly what a well thought out IT strategy does. IT outsourcing Ukraine is part of the company's strategic plan, it is long-term in nature, and the service provider becomes a partner rather than a supplier.


Outsourcing services can be divided into two groups: full outsourcing and selective outsourcing. In the first case, we are dealing with projects that involve taking over the maintenance of the entire IT infrastructure of the client. Selective outsourcing allows you to delegate control over selected areas of IT to an external 0222 Digital company, including the management of selected applications, network environment or Internet infrastructure.


Benefits of IT outsourcing


The success of a project can be measured in many different ways. For some entrepreneurs, the issues related to cost reduction and financial benefit are of key importance, for others, criteria such as the availability of IT systems, the response time of the supplier in emergency situations, the satisfaction of employees and customers, or the ability to focus on their core activities may be at least an important criterion. The measures taken must be consistent with the entrepreneur's business priorities. Below are some of the universal benefits of outsourcing:


  • Complete predictability and cost reduction within IT;
  • The possibility of using outsourcing as a method of company reorganization;
  • Ability to focus on key areas of the company;
  • Improving the efficiency, effectiveness and stability of the IT environment, including through the standardization of IT procedures and processes;
  • Quick access to high-quality specialists and technological knowledge, without the need to hire and train your own employees;
  • Reducing risk by transferring it to an outsourcer - incl. outsourcer's responsibility for errors and actions incompatible with the contract.


Once outsourced, the ability to adapt to changes is no longer limited to the skills of your employees. Moreover, the problems associated with the limited number of specialists and the lack of replacement disappear.


For small and medium businesses in outsourcing, the most important thing is economies of scale. It is impossible to maintain a large IT team in this type of company. Also, problems often arise with the maintenance of specialized personnel, and the funds may not be enough to perform tasks at the required level.


When to use IT outsourcing services? 0222 Custom Software Development Company


There are many situations in which IT outsourcing becomes the most viable option.


  • You have noticed a decrease in the efficiency of the company; projects take longer, customer requests are hesitant, and downtime increases. 
  • Security problems arise more often and are not addressed. You are facing the same cybersecurity issue that leads to long downtime. 
  • You are suffering from various problems that your business faces.
  • You don't have enough IT professionals to solve all the issues, and your specialists only solve small problems.
  • The support team does not resolve issues quickly enough.
  • You don't have an effective data loss recovery plan.
  • You don't have the financial resources to invest in new cybersecurity infrastructure, which hinders the company's productivity.
  • Hiring new employees is too time-consuming and expensive.


If these problems seem all too familiar to you, this is a red flag that your infrastructure suffers from. Unfortunately, you don't have enough capital to get the solutions you need locally. Luckily for you, IT outsourcing has its advantages.


At 0222 Digital Custom Software Development Company we provide IT services in the form of:

  • direct contact - departure of consultants to the client's territory,
  • remotely - solving problems by connecting to the client's computer,
  • phone support.


Outsourcing offer may concern:


  • full service covering the entire IT infrastructure of the company,
  • selected subjects, IT processes.


IT activities carried out by our company will contribute to:

  • decrease in internal costs,
  • access to specialized knowledge,
  • saving time,
  • reduction of human resources.


If you are interested in IT outsourcing and want to hire specialists for your project - contact us!