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Traditional methodology of work


Before the DevOps era and Agile (more about which later), teams worked separately, and there was limited interaction between them. The programmers created the source code, the testers tested the software and took care of its quality, and the administrators took care of the maintenance and development of the infrastructure. This model fulfilled its purpose when the project was split into longer phases and a different team took care of the product after each phase was completed.


The traditional methodology of working on software development (Vinnytsia) assumed a multi-year process, starting with requirements collection, analysis, design, development and testing, and ending with implementation. The fact is that in the course of work, the client's requirements, as well as the market situation, can change.


Presenting the customer only the final result of the software development, there was no opportunity to constantly evaluate the product and leave your comments. It appeared only after the completion of the work, when the implementation of changes was already very difficult, and sometimes even impossible. At the same time, the client could not always accurately determine his expectations at the beginning of the project, and when receiving the product, it often turned out that he had a completely different idea of ​​it.


What is DevOps - Agile Manufacturing


Changes began to occur with the proliferation of agile software development methodologies. This is nothing more than the extremely popular agile today. Its "agility" lies in adapting the way of working on a product to the requirements of a dynamically changing reality.


The main feature of an agile methodology is the division of work into iterations, that is, shorter stages, the effect of which is provided to the client. He comments, the work is repeated until the desired effect is achieved. As a result, the final product will meet the client's expectations (and also allow him to change the original requirements), and it can be adapted to the realities of the market on an ongoing basis.


Through our work in the field of modern software development, we understand how to connect people, processes and technologies, as well as how to most effectively create software and host it in a reliable environment (SRE). The modern software production process requires the introduction of new versions without loss of quality. Our clients want to use a single environment for their development, testing and implementation.


0222 Custom Software Development Company expertise in systems design (DevOps) and secure operating environment (SRE) enables many teams to collaborate to balance expected reliability and speed of implementation.


We have extensive experience in software development by methodology and systems development (DevOps), which allows us to oversee large projects. This approach allows you to reduce the time from idea to implementation of the finished product, while ensuring a high level of quality and reliability of the services provided.


DEVOPS development, Kiev, Odessa - We ensure the continuity of systems and solutions


DevOps is neither a tool nor a technique. This is a change in organizational culture. The idea behind DevOps is to streamline the software delivery process. DevOps is the company's operating philosophy, part of the continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) process. From project planning to operational efficiency. This is achieved by improving collaboration within the organization and removing communication barriers. Rapid software delivery requires the collaboration of a development team (Dev) and administrators (Ops), and often business analysts and managers.


Adapting to the realities of the digital environment


Our experience in systems design (DevOps) enables us to offer consulting services throughout the digital product lifecycle. We help clients succeed in a demanding and ever-evolving digital world by ensuring systems operate in reliable environments.


  • Creation of products based on the full cycle of software development;
  • Automation of software and infrastructure development;
  • DevOps and SRE processes, implementation and implementation tools;
  • Product lifecycle optimization and management;
  • Ensuring compliance with safety regulations and monitoring compliance with standards.


Why us?


  • People - an experienced team of specialists;
  • Projects - we share the best practices gained in the implemented projects;
  • Tools - a wide range of technologies, different needs of our clients, gave us the opportunity to test numerous tools.


Process support


  • Infrastructure automation - building software development processes in which the design and creation of development environments will be fully automated.
  • Automation of deployment and monitoring - building processes for the automatic assignment and monitoring of development environments.
  • Microservices architecture - Consulting services related to the design of microservices environments.