Creation of a corporate style

Creation of a corporate style 0222 1 Creation of a corporate style 0222 2

Creation of 0222 corporate style or identity is an integral stage of brand formation and positioning in the modern market. A visual recognizable image that helps to create a holistic image of the company with the product.


The mature corporate identity shapes the image of a strong, standing company. It is used not only in the logo, packaging design, but also inside the corporation, for example, in the office chancery, processing of documents and dress code.


The creation of the corporate identity by the studio 0222 combines the following components:

  • Logo, emblem
  • Sticking to a single color scheme
  • Memorable constant font and more

In addition, at the request of the customer, we can design a premise in a corporate style , a legend is invent a legend, chose a symbol of the enterprise and even compose a hymn is.


If you order the creation of a corporate style in the studio 0222 - a solid team of the best specialists will perform the task on time. And it’s guaranteed that you will be satisfied with the result.