Packing and label design

Packing and label design 0222

Packing and labeling - this is the first thing that the buyer sees when he takes the goods in hand, flips through the catalog or examines an advertising banner. It is extremely important to approach the development of label design and packaging. Vivid and memorable design is an effective weapon in the strategy of product promotion.


The design of 0222 packaging and labels is a unique creative solution that will exactly repeat and emphasize the merits of the product and become its unique way. In the process of creation, the team of 0222 studio designers takes into account the smallest details:

  • Color Scheme
  • Font
  • Elements that will protect the label and packaging from counterfeiting, and much more

Specialists of the 0222 studio will help to develop a corporate recognizable style of packaging or labels, through which the brand positions will be firmly fixed in the market and significantly increased. Designed "wrapper" is the right decision, the right choice of the vector of behavior in the marketing campaign and the positioning of the brand overall.