SMM (social media marketing)

Social media marketing (SMM) 0222

SMM or Social media marketing is a method that is actively used by many companies around the world, with its help it is possible to achieve a result in the promotion of a product or service on the World Wide Web. The average person spends more than a quarter of their time flipping through the Internet news feed, reading forums or checking information on social networks. So why not take advantage of this innovative opportunity for advertising?


Social media marketing (SMM) 0222 involves using a set of tools to make your campaign as effective as possible:

  • Knowledge of the mechanisms and specific rules of each site is necessary
  • Following the rules and etiquette, which is considered established in the network
  • We take into account the subtleties of the formation of demand for a product or service, take into account the factors that influence the decision-making
  • Constant monitoring of the effectiveness of the SMM campaign, etc.

Specialists of the marketing agency 0222 use these tools in their activity, besides they take into account knowledge in psychology, PR and other spheres.