Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing 0222

Users do not like advertising in any of its manifestations, no matter how sophisticated marketers and eminent advertisers are. It's not so easy to really induce a "string in the heart" and induce the user to action. Today, a new vector in the marketing industry - Influencer Marketing - is gaining popularity. This is a way to promote the brand by attracting authority, which has a high level of trust and can "lead the crowd behind them." Influencer Marketing 0222 involves the use in the advertising campaign of famous personalities, the characters of their movies or cartoons and even a specific place with a certain history. It can be:

  • Interview
  • Video
  • Article
  • Joint business, etc.

Today, the use of authoritative marketing is a difficult task, as the user is accustomed to the fact that modern TV channels, which "recommend" buying some goods or ordering a service, constantly flit on the TV screen, radio, bigboards, Internet advertising. Influencer Marketing 0222 is a delicate option, a way to convey to the audience the right message by using authority.