Analytics / SEO

Analytics  SEO 0222

To achieve the result, you should not try to deceive the search engine. It is worth considering the promotion of site so that it was correct and worked as a well-established mechanism. The first step on the way to effective promotion is an analytical study, through which it is possible to identify errors, bugs and other defects that currently exist in the resource and were allowed at the development stage. A detailed analysis of Analytics SEO 0222 includes an assessment of the following indicators:

  • Time of existence of the site, its history of development and age - based on statistics, the percentage of trust is much higher in more mature sites
  • Technical component - it is necessary to identify and eliminate duplicated pages, irrelevant tags, incorrect information, links and "water" that is not in interest of the user
  • Competitiveness Testing
  • Research of references, analysis of linkbuilding, etc.

The 0222 studio team performs a detailed SEO analysis in the shortest time, at any stage of the work or site creation.