Promotion in social networks

Promotion in social networks 0222

Promotion in social networks 0222 (SMM) is a marketing tool used to conduct business in modern realities.


The mission of Social Media Marketing is:

  • Formation and increase of client base and potential customers
  • Well-established system of communication with the target audience, regular feedback
  • Increase sales and increase the likelihood of recurrence
  • Forming a positive image of the company and much more

0222 web studio will turn every " community in a social network" into a powerful working mechanism, where every gear and cog will move in the right direction, in the direction of increasing the audience and profits from the sale of goods and services.


An inseparable principle of the team's work is constant analysis and work on mistakes. Each published post is evaluated, its statistics and popularity are tracked. Received information is taken to update the media plan.


Promotion in social networks is a corporate style, careful preparation of content, competent design of publications and constant contact with the audience.