Technical support of sites

Technical support of 0222 sites

The launch of the site is one of the stages of successful business in the Internet. To make the site consistently profitable and in the shortest time to recoup the invested funds in its development, it is important to provide technical support. Technical support of 0222 sites is a complex of activities that are aimed at servicing the web product.


Based on many years of practice, the presence of a system administrator does not always meet expectations. Web studio 0222 offers to order a technical support service, thereby saving money and saving valuable time.


0222 development team uses effective web tools, provides timely monitoring and correction of possible errors. In addition, a list of services that involves technical support includes:

  • Ensuring the stable resource work
  • Reliable protection against virus attacks, burglaries and failures in work
  • At any point, it is possible to add new modules, pages or sections

In addition, the technical service is called upon to respond to any changes in the search algorithm and to increase the indexation of the project.