Promotion strategy

0222 promotion strategy

The strategy of promoting a product, service or company has a major goal: increasing profitability and raising loyalty in general, all of which have a long-term focus.


The strategy for promoting 0222 is a detailed development plan that presupposes the correct formulation of tasks and goals with a detailed description of the steps to achieve them. To implement the developed strategy, it is important to conduct a detailed marketing study that will identify your strengths and weaknesses, identify the advantages of competitors and help you choose the single right vector of behavior in the market.


Specialists of the marketing agency 0222 apply the following options in their work:

  • The push strategy - building a chain from producer to consumer, implies an active marketing impact on the audience by using additional incentives (discounts, coupons, subscriptions, etc.)
  • The "pull" strategy - a variant involves the formation of a positive attitude towards a brand or service long before it appears on the market

The 0222 promotion strategy is the most important tool for doing business in a highly competitive environment.